Tune in here!
A Cosmic Journey Through Space is a Spotify playlist featuring trippy, spacey, way out audio journeys.
Some sample artists we play:
Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream, Ozric Tentacles, Gong, Ray Lynch, Cosmic Jokers, you get the picture.
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Though I'm new to Spotify I programmed five internet radio stations for ten years, so I'm no newbie to playlist creation. Conventional wisdom is that Spotify playlists should be no longer than fifty songs. I have a different philosophy. I see these playlists more like radio stations. Start at the beginning if you want, or not. Scroll down, start anywhere in the list and you'll hear something awesome. Since the lists are long you can come back time after time and hear something new.

We also LOVE to feature new up and coming artists in a similar vein. Once we add your music to our playlists IT STAYS THERE FOREVER. We never remove great music!
To submit music email neverendingwonder@hotmail.com and indicate which playlist you would like to be added to.
Send a link to your Spotify profile and/or links to specific tracks.
Your music must be on Spotify to be added to a Spotify playlist.
Do NOT send mp3s.
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If I add your music to the playlist I'll add a link of your choice on this page.


X Perry Mental
Jeff de Bruz
Wolfgang Merx
Peter Sauleda
Cosmic Cadence
Brannan Lane
Juan Maria Solare
Scarless Arms
Guido Meyer
Hopalong Ginsberg

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